Zari Has Asked Diamond And Her Mother To Return Everything She Bought Them

….. And The Response Diamond’s Mother Gave Will Break Your Ribs has interesting information on how Zari’s break-up with Diamond is catching momentum. Apparently, Zari is already involved with South Africa’s richest businessman as Diamond continues to beg her to come back.

Zari has put it clear that she will take care of her babies without Diamond’s support. In addition to that, she asked Diamond and her Mother to return everything she bought them. These include,

A BMW X6 that Diamond drives.
A house in Arusha for Diamonds Mother
She also wants to own 60% of Wasafi records a label she says she built with her own money.

Fans took to social media to mock Diamond and her mother for using Zari but her mother never took it lightly.

Diamond Platnumz’ mother has developed a thick skin and a few weeks ago, she told off a follower, who trolled her claiming that she was dating a Ben 10.

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